骨療醫學專業文憑課程(單元十二) Diplomate in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory & Practice (Module 12) (July 2015)

Hong Kong Academy of Naturopathy
Osteopathic College of Ontario

HKAN課程編號:NM2N- 12(= ANMCB 主修2學分)



骨療醫學原創者Dr. Andrew Taylor Still於美國19世紀(1874年) 以希臘醫學之父Hippocrates的醫學理念整理出來的一套治療方法。骨療醫學的觀念建基於人體自愈能力,只要人體結構性功能保持在理想環境狀態,並配合健康飲食,便能戰勝疾病。骨療醫師能運用多種手法,以溫和及安全的技巧(e.g. Joint manipulation、positional release techniques、muscle energy techniques、direct soft tissue techniques、cranio-sacral treatment...etc.),針對不同病人的需要,來緩解疼痛,改善軟組織功能和解除肌肉功能障礙,從而舒解相關部位引起的功能性疾病。


骨療醫學專業文憑課程 (Diplomate in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory & Practice)

整個課程由香港自然療法學院Hong Kong Academy of Naturopath (HKAN)及加拿大安大略骨療醫學院Osteopathic College of Ontario (OCO)合辦。

整個文憑課程合共有12個單元,學員修畢12個單元課程後,可獲取由 OCO 所頒發的骨療醫學專業文憑資格 (Diplomate in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory & Practice) 。完成OCO骨療醫學專業文憑後,有資格申請加拿大Ontario Federation of Osteopathic ProfessionalsThe Society of Osteopaths of Canada專業資格,成為加拿大執業專業骨療師。畢業文憑學員,可持續進修 OCO 骨療醫師其他高級課程。畢業文憑學員更可持續進修其他學院的骨療醫學學士、碩士、博士等學位,詳情容後公佈。

課程目標及內容(單元十二)   Quantum Integration 骨療醫學綜合手法


本單元將綜合過去11個骨療醫學課程所涵蓋的多種手法(Joint manipulation、positional release techniques、muscle energy techniques、direct soft tissue techniques、cranio-sacral treatment等),輔以生物力學和臨床應用機理,把心身情緒活力調節的應用心得及治療法則推論授予學員,學員如已掌握高階髗骶及內臟按摩手法則更能融會貫通。已完成11個骨療醫學課程單元的學員,經評核後可獲加拿大安大略骨療醫學院頒發的骨療醫學專業文憑。



本單元課程講師將由Osteopathic College of Ontario (OCO) 加拿大安大略骨療醫學院院長Dr. Steven Sanet DO (USA) 以英語教授。 Dr. Steven Sanet DO 是一位醉心骨療醫學的美藉西醫,多年來他走訪世界各地,求學於骨療醫學祖師級學者門下,並願將所學親自教授予有識之仕,Dr. Steven Sanet DO 在過去17年間已在世界各地教授超過千多名醫護人員認識骨療醫學之道,並將骨療醫學發揚光大,惠及各地未能在主流醫學中得到適時照料的病人。


香港銅鑼灣黃泥涌道188號Craigengower Cricket Club (木球會) Leighton Room (香港賽馬會大樓旁) 。




名額:20名 (額滿即止)



填寫本院報名表格 - 課程編號:NM2N-12。課程名稱:骨療醫學專業文憑課程- 單元十二 (Diplomate in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory & Practice – Module 12),連同課程費用(參考報名表格上付款方法),於辦公時間內交回或寄回本院辦事處。



HKAN / AINM course no.:NM2N-12(= ANMCB 2 core credits)

What is Osteopathy?

  • "Osteopathy" is a Greek word coined June 22, 1874 by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still and is made up of two radicals (Greek): "osteon", meaning bone and "pathos", meaning (usually) pain. However, Still uses pathos in another perspective: that of the origin of suffering. Therefore, the term "osteopathy" should be understood as: the origin of suffering which is associated with bone. In a broader sense, we go back to one of the basic principles of osteopathy: the structure governs the function. Therefore, any structure of the human body can cause a disorder (suffering) shortly or even ultimately.
  • Around 2,400 years ago, the famous Greek physician and philosopher of antiquity Hippocrates already advanced the same theory as that of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. Hippocrates believed that even if the disease could come from outside or inside the man, "our nature was the physician of our diseases." He believed that attention should be focused on the patient rather than on the disease. His philosophy was based on the study of human health as individuals and as an integrated unit.
  • In the 19th century in America, Dr. Still was inspired by Hippocrates and pursued his research in this direction in developing a theory and its application: osteopathy. This new manual medicine would now change the way we cure. Osteopathy is based on the principle that the body has the ability to produce its own remedies against disease and other toxic conditions when the body is under normal structural state in favourable environmental conditions and is fed healthily.
  • Osteopathy emphasizes the importance of the mechanics of the body and resorts to manipulative methods (e.g. Joint manipulation、positional release techniques、muscle energy techniques、direct soft tissue techniques、cranio-sacral treatment...etc.) which are comparatively save and gentle to detect and correct physiological problems: structural, visceral and cranial.

Diplomate in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory & Practice
This course is co-organized by Hong Kong Academy of Naturopath (HKAN) and Osteopathic College of Ontario (OCO).
The full Diplomate program in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory & Practice is composed of 12 modules. Upon completion of 12 modules, the graduate will be awarded the Diploma in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory & Practice by OCO. Graduate can apply the professional membership of Ontario Federation of Osteopathic Professionals and The Society of Osteopaths of Canada as registered Osteopath in Canada. Graduates can also continue their study in OCO for advanced level qualification (degree) and other institutions postgraduate program.

Course structure (Module 12) 
This module will help the student to integrate the many modalities as well as biomechanical and clinical applications of osteopathic techniques of last 11 modules in osteopathy. A comprehensive didactic approach with lecture and practical application of the physical, emotional, and energetic components of osteopathic manipulation which will enhance the necessary insight into the successful thought processes of osteopathic practitioners and much more. Students with Advanced Cranial and Advanced Visceral technique will benefit more in this quantum. Students who have completed 11 modules will undergo assessment before full certification by Osteopathic College of Ontario.




This course will be delivered by the founder of Osteopathic College of Ontario (OCO) Dr. Steven Sanet DO (USA) in English.

Dr. Steven Sanet DO is the physician from USA who is a medical doctor and specialized in Osteopathic medicine. He teaches osteopathic medicine all over the world for past 17 years plus.


11 – 13 July 2015 (Sat to Mon) 9am to 5pm(3 days for 21 contact hours)


Craigengower Cricket Club - Leighton Room : 188 Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong (Next to Hong Kong Jockey Club Building)

Course Fee(including lecture notes)
On or before 21 May 2015:Member or student who has completed 3 quanta HK$-. Non-member HK$-

After 22 May 2015 and before 2 July 2015:HK$-

Max. enrolment:20


Please complete the course application form and send back to Hong Kong office together with the course fee payable to “Hong Kong Academy of Naturopathy Limited” (refer to the payment method in the application form). Please indicate the course name: Diplomate in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory & Practice – Module 12 (course code: NM2N-12) in the application form.

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